Social Benefits

Etihad Rail’s services will contribute significantly to a number of key development strategies within the UAE. When passenger carriage is added to the network, the railway will connect rural areas to cities to suburbs, improving transport availability, facilitating people movement and generating wider economic benefits for these areas.

As the railway line connects more areas within the UAE and GCC, various industries and communities will also expand. The region will experience more economic, social and cultural growth in the form of new job opportunities, industrial diversification and much more.
The value of time saved, due, for example, to reduced road delays by car, bus or taxi, and freight users who shift to the rail network, is expected to reach AED9.6Bn over the next 40 years.

By enhancing accessibility, there will be increased development in the Al Ain and Al Dhafra regions in terms of growth in population, increased tourism activity and much broader industrial activities which will be less constricted by current transport problems.